Maringá Turismo has more than 55 years of expertise in corporate and leisure travel management. It is one of the main TMC´s in Brazil (Travel Management Company), with a global presence.


Central de Eventos is a dynamic company focused on management, consulting and logistics for corporate events, groups and personalized incentive travels. Specialist in national and international events and also hybrid and virtual events.


Lemontech offers an efficient and agile system for the complete management of corporate trips. We reduce trip costs and give you full control on all reservations for travel services and simplify accountability processes.


The group offers comprehensive solutions that complement each other for the total management of corporate trips and events, combining quality, technology and cost reduction with each process.
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The pyramid is formed by the letter "A" in honor of its founder and president, Marcos Arbaitman.

The green color at the top follows the hierarchical order of origin of the group, started by Maringá Turismo. The colors of the other companies are included in the composition, with the blue of the Central de Eventos and the yellow of Lemontech. The colors connect and interact with each other in an energy exchange movement, resulting in the union of forces between companies.

The composition of colors, when united with white, also translates into a 100% Brazilian group, in which success is represented by the central icon of a 6-pointed star. Symbol that also refers to the Star of David, present in various cultural and religious manifestations and, which in Hebrew, means shield, protection, courage, reinforcing the initial premises: WINNING TEAMS, SUCCESSFUL GROUP!
Our most important value is also the one that guides us daily: people. Through them we guide our operation with ethics and transparency, always striving for quality.
Our mission is to provide the best CONSULTING, with the complete MANAGEMENT of services for events, business and leisure trips, in an ethical and transparent way, through a quality service and generating savings for your company.

We have the vision of the daily ENCHANTMENT of our customers, with the best experience within their journey in managing trips and events.
We carry out continuous training programs seeking excellence in favor of a demanding market. Through Arbaitman University, we qualify each employee with our development path, with diverse topics ranging from training to project management.
Complete Corporate Travel Management

Complete Corporate Travel Management

We combine tradition with qualified and personalized service, aiming to create smart solutions tailored to your corporate travel program. You can also count on the expertise of PRIVATE service to executives and an area totally dedicated to leisure travel, including a CONCIERGE for exclusive itineraries.
Corporate Events & Incentive Travels

Corporate Events & Incentive Travels

With over 25 years in the market, our expertise translates into the quality of service, as the passion for the M.I.C.E. it's in our DNA. We bring together transparency, experience and creativity in the execution of innovative and special events, together with cost optimization. With the development of projects since the choice of destination.
Travel Management System

Travel Management System

Make reservations for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and other services in minutes on a platform aligned with your travel policies and have total management of the process, including accountability and expenses.

Winning teams, a successful Group!

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